We’re inviting you to send a message that our public tax dollars should be going to care, not corporate profits.

Thousands of citizens have already signed up to join our community action group because we know the size of your wallet shouldn’t determine your access to care. But that promise is at risk in Ontario because Doug Ford passed Bill 60— a plan that over 90% of voters oppose —and is starting to hand our public hospital system over to the same failed kind of big care-cutting corporations that failed seniors in long-term care.

The results from Ford’s reckless healthcare privatization plans are already in. Wait times are up. ER closures are widespread. And frontline staff are burnt out and exhausted. Hospital closures like the ones happening right now in Minden and across Ontario can be prevented.

Do your part to ensure you and your loved ones get the care they need, when they need it—without the risk of costly bills. Add your name to this direct message to all party leaders and tell them privatization is a risk we can’t afford. Tell them our tax dollars should go to frontline care, not rich executives or Doug’s donors. Add your name now and let’s take action for accessible healthcare for all!